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Hollywood meets Corporate


tRAINING program

(The Story Selling Program)

“Stories are the most powerful way to put ideas into the world” – Professor Robert Mckee

The Story Selling Program is a strategic sales training program 

6 business outcomes you can expect from this program

Professional Perception

6 keys that create the perception of confidence and competence that helps you capitalise on your opportunities.

Personality Awareness

Identify and accurately predict buying behavior through the study of different personalities


Conversational Intelligence

The art of carrying a conversation and the ability to keep the client interested

Customer Experience

Uncover 3 key drivers in your clients that allows you to create exponential value

Emotional Currency

Understand, relate and respond to your prospects and clients in a way that matters most to them

Sticky Story Strategy

Communicate powerfully through the crafting and delivery of needs based stories that drive action in your favor.

“The Story Selling System gives you the best tips, tools and techniques to create strong emotional connection with your clients. This leads to long term sales relationships”

What makes us different

We live and breath what we teach.

While some providers may teach it as part of their serigated program repertoire, what we teach is in our area of specialization.

With more than 30 years of combined sales, training, speaking and facilitation experience, we’ve adapted, deconstructed and designed this program to make it relevant to the market you serve.

“They guided me for my 2017 opening speech for a crowd of 5000 consultants. The feedback I got from the audience was that it was Inspiring, motivational and powerful”

Gan Leong Hin | CEO Prudential Malaysia

” Before attending this program, I was already publishing stories online but I struggled with coming out with the right format. They helped me optain a clearer picture on how to structure persuasive stories that I can use in my key note speeches”

Karen Foo | Motivational Speaker Singapore | Financial Trainer| Forex Trainer Singapore. | Professional Speaker Singapore

It was my privilege to attend a workshop on Story Selling by David King from Story Box Academy. He has got a flair for storytelling and he exudes charisma, sincerity, passion and enthusiasm in his presentation.

Before the program, I was not sure how stories could impact how I communicate with others, especially my clients. After the program,

I am convinced of the persuasive power of stories to bring meaning out of my content and create experiences that drive action. I can’t wait to use the ideas that I learnt from David

Sajeev Kumar Menon | Business Operations Manager | HP

My Team and I attended the Story Selling Program conducted by David from Story Box Academy. He gave us a very good insight into the power of stories when used with his S.T.O.R.Y system. My team and I walked away with valuable lessons on how to influence through stories. I highly recommend this program to anyone doing sales

Damien Teo | Sales Account Manager | Running Stream

“My Team and I attended the Story Selling Program conducted by Story Box Academy. This program combines narrative, pitch & sales and its an important aspect of business development, I recommend this program to anyone or company who is looking to take they ability to influence and persuade to another level”

Quentin | Regional Business Development Director | UNITY

“After attending the sales training program. I applied the techniques taught and my sales increased by 30% within the first 3 months”

Chisa Lim | Sales Account Manager | Chialux Interior

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